Wanna be part of our badass witch gang?

Here’s what you’ll get when you join our coven:

02f9763653de93ee0215fdcdc80c7438-d9308k8 BAD WITCH WORKOUTS
We’ll provide you with an entire month of workouts — you’ll do 3 a week (12 in total), where every workout is completely different. You will never repeat a movement, which means you can never get bored! We’re excited to present you with efficient, useful videos featuring your favourite bad witches like Gala Darling and Veronica Varlow!

02f9763653de93ee0215fdcdc80c7438-d9308k8 THE BAD WITCH COVEN
You’re invited to join our private Facebook group full of all the other bad witches across the globe. In addition to finding a whole lot of awesome accountability partners and wicked cheerleaders, you’ll have ongoing access to us. We’ll be answering your questions in regular Q&A videos, broadcasting livestream workouts that you can join, and helping you out with exercise modifications. We’re going to be with you every step of the way.

02f9763653de93ee0215fdcdc80c7438-d9308k8 A KILLER PLAYLIST
If you loved our original 7 Day Challenge playlist, you will flip for our new one! Compiled by Garnett, it’s the ultimate teen angst, get your body moving, nostalgia-fest. (Note: We will not be held responsible if it’s all you want to listen to!)

02f9763653de93ee0215fdcdc80c7438-d9308k8 A FIVE-DAY MEAL PLAN TEMPLATE
One of the trickiest things about committing to a healthier lifestyle is figuring out what to eat, how much, and when. Don’t sweat it, witchypoo! We’ve got you covered with our 5 day meal plan template. All you have to do is follow along.

Our price for the Bad Witch Starter Pack is one payment of $35!