“When I signed up to Bad Witch Workout challenge, I thought I’d prance around in some leggings for a few days and say “huh well. I tried exercise” and head back to the sofa. But Garnett and Gala and their epic idea have kicked my lazy witch ass. The sense of community, support and friendship in here and on the Instagram challenge has blown me away. You are all amazing. The world may look like it’s heading to hell in a handbasket but you guys prove there are good people put there. You are all amazing.” — Charlotte Burns

“I don’t even recall how I came across the #badwitchchallenge on Insta, but I did. I, too, thought “eh, why not. Looks cool” But, didn’t think it would have an impact on my whole way of thinking. I’ve been struggling with depression and health issues for 3 years. I was so close to giving up the ghost not too long before I found this. I’m so grateful to Gala Darling and Garnett Strother and alllllllllll you bad witches!! You’re changing my life and hopefully we can change the world together. ❤” — Amber Lockamy

“I just wanted to thank everyone who is involved with the Bad Witch Workout. I loved all the positive posts the last couple of days about turning off the TV or Facebook feeds and doing the work out. The positivity, connectivity, power, badassness, and love that this group radiates makes me so happy that I decided to join this challenge. I just did the second workout which ended with me rolling around on ground with my dog and laughing.” — Rachel Sweet

“Hello wonderful witchy peeps! Like so many others, I wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in our bad witch workout. I’m a tall, lanky lady and going to a gym intimidates the hell out of me. Yesterday was workout #2, and despite being sore this morning, I got my ass up and went on a solo 3mi hike. These workouts and all the badass ppl in our group are helping me build my confidence.” — Jade McKeen

“My clothes are fitting much better. It’s fun getting dressed!” — Jennafer Worland

“My backside is definitely firmer. My legs are stronger. My waist is a bit thinner too. I don’t weigh myself but I do feel like my clothes are fitting better.” — Charlotte Burns

“I just wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to be grateful that I found the Bad Witch Workout in the first place and that I’ve had several of y’all connect with me during the course of the Instagram challenge. Being trans comes with a whole litany of image issues on its own, but the fear of being judged, ridiculed, provoked or attacked even after overcoming those personal issues is still a tremendous challenge for me (especially in light of some spooky encounters I’ve had throughout this election cycle). I’m so thankful to have the Bad Witch coven and eternally grateful to Katie for fronting the capital to ensure that I’d be part of the starter pack initiative. Keep on keeping on, witches.” — Ariel A Leigh

“Last night, workout #2 kept my body and mind busy, for which I am ever thankful. My thighs feel more defined after all those lunges, and even though I’m at the beginning stages of soreness, I feel stronger, and am experiencing an ease of movement in daily activities. Delicious!” — Natalie Wiser-Orozco

“Oh wow. On day two of both workouts and nutrition guide (altered a bit to be vegan friendly) – feeling great! Today’s workout made me sooooo tired! Definitely going to need an epsom salt bath tonight! Noticed some definition in my calves today, so that’s a win. Overall feeling much better than a few weeks ago. A lot less lethargic and way more positive! Thanks everyone for sharing on here – it really helps! Hope you all are having a beautiful day.” — Amanda Frederickson

“I just have to say that I love this community and all of you fabulous bad witches!! We’re such a positive, motivating, reassuring bunch of badasses who always have each other’s backs and support each other unconditionally. So here is to you, my wonderful bad witches! Thank you Gala Darling and Garnett Strother for bringing us all together!” — Katie von Pagels